International client

International client

Office Law & Care  offers   services and help for  international clients who choose Poland as a thorough country for investment due to its favourable location in Europe and due to its stable geopolitical situation.


Thanks  for languages skill of our employers the relation with client is much easier and simple in addition the client is always informed currently about the provided issue.

After signing the Power of Attorney the law firm become with full rights  client represantative allowing us to provide  all procedures  without definite  consultation with the client.

The Power of Attorney Allows us to represent in the behalf of the  client in courts , organs and government institutions and Offices.

At the begining of our cooperation we support our client in taking decission to Invest in existing company in Poland or better to create new own business.

Our law firm offers for international investors :

  • Help in choosing and creating the best business form.
  • Help in residence legalisation ( granted legal residence card)
  • Help in property purchase
  • Help in negotiating trading agreements
  • Law complex service
  • Representation infront of public organs administrations.

All of our law firm excercises  are consultated earlier in details with the client.