Business client

Business client

Law firm Law & Care take special care for businessmen services , thanks for wide and long experience w can ensure expert advice service for business client in any business range.

Spending time for self-improvement gaining knowledge and skills made of us  complex specialists in resolving issues required by our clients in additon to professional treatment which make the client to feel that his safety and satisfaction are always priority for  us.

All our  proposed solutions are for indiviual need of the client and for specific Line of the running business in addition to our stable contact with client thanks for we can react immediately in order to safe the business of our client.

Our law firm offers for international investors :

  • Law advice concerning the provided business activity
  • Help in choosing the optimal law form trade business
  • Negotiating trade agreements
  • Preparing trade agreements
  • Help during the meeting of bailiffs
  • Representation in the behalf of the client during the court procedures and infront of organ administrations.
  • Active debts vindication
  • Payment monitoring